2018 RYLA Conference: April 20th - 22nd, 2018


Buses are provided to transport students to and from RYLA. The RYLA experience begins and ends with the bus ride to and from camp. You MUST ride the bus to camp and return on the same bus.

The following is the list of Pick-up & Return locations and times for RYLA. Times listed for “Pick-Up” are DEPARTURE TIMES from each location and times listed for “Return” are ARRIVAL TIMES at each location. Please make certain that you arrive well before the pick-up time to facilitate timely departure to the camp. Parents should arrive early on Sunday to collect returning students.

The RYLA Registrar will send you an email the week before RYLA telling you which bus stop is yours.

(Important! If you click on a "see provided aerial map" link below and nothing happens, then try clicking on another word in the link until the map appears. Alternative - try using Google Chrome as your browser.)

Detailed Bus Stop Information:







7:30 AM 5:30 PM South County Bus Stop (Buses 1 & 2): BED BATH & BEYOND PARKING LOT (intersection of East H Street and Hidden Vista Drive – see provided aerial map)
8:30 AM 4:30 PM

Westfield North County Mall Bus Stop (Buses 4, 5 & 6): WESTFIELD NORTH COUNTY MALL PARKING LOT (north end parking lot, off Beethoven Drive – see provided aerial map)

8:00 AM 5:00 PM

La Jolla Village Square Bus Stop (Buses 3 & 4): LA JOLLA VILLAGE SQUARE PARKING LOT (northeast parking lot, off Nobel Drive – see provided aerial map)

8:00 AM 5:00 PM

North County Bus Stop (Bus 6): WALMART PARKING LOT (intersection of College Boulevard and Marron Road – see provided aerial map)

8:00 AM 5:00 PM Parkway Plaza Bus Stop (Bus 2): PETSMART / MARSHALLS PARKING LOT (southwest corner of Fletcher Parkway & Johnson Avenue – see provided aerial map)
7:00 AM 5:30 PM

El Centro Bus Stop (Bus 7): LUCKY PARKING LOT (southeast corner of 4th Street and Wake Avenue [just south of Interstate 8] – see provided aerial map)

7:30 AM 5:00 PM

Brawley Bus Stop (Bus 7): VONS PARKING LOT (northwest corner of State Route 86 [W. Main Street] and Rio Vista Avenue – see provided aerial map)



The RYLA experience begins and ends with the bus ride to and from the camp. One member of the Student Alumni (or assigned facilitator) will ride on each bus (their name is located at the top of your Bus Coordination Sheet). The Imperial bus will not have an assigned Student Alumni. To make the ride more fun, comfortable and safe, the following procedures are required to be followed by all bus coordinators and bus drivers (no exceptions please):

  1. If the bus driver has more than one assigned bus stop during each leg of your assigned trip, the Student Alumni or Assigned Facilitator will meet the bus at the first stop. The Alumni/Facilitator will introduce themselves to the bus driver and provide any assistance needed. Alumni/Facilitators will be instructed in the procedures each bus driver would like to follow in loading and unloading luggage and any specific seating arrangements. We want this experience to be as good for the driver as it is for the student participants.
  2. The Student Alumni/Facilitators are responsible for orderly loading and unloading of the bus. They will have a roster of the students assigned to the bus and will check in each student as they arrive, load and board the bus. They are there to assist the bus driver in transporting the students to the camp safely and without problems.
  3. Buses MUST leave at the departure time shown on the Bus Coordination Sheet. An allowance of no more than ten (10) minutes grace time can be made. Included with each Bus Coordination Sheet is a map to the camp, and the specific route to be taken. Because of liability issues, no additional stops are allowed to be made no exceptions! In the event of an emergency, any deviation from the specified route must be brought to the driver’s and the Transportation Coordinator’s attention immediately. The Transportation Coordinator can be contacted at the number shown below. The Student Alumni/Facilitator and driver should make every effort to avoid deviation from the specified route and schedule.
  4. After the students have arrived and disembarked, the Student Alumni/Facilitator must go through the bus and make sure that nothing has been left behind, and that the bus is clean. If, during your post-arrival inspection you find something left behind by a student, give the item to one of the Camp Staff that are meeting the buses and they will see that the owner is found.
  5. On Sunday, the buss driver will repeat the loading and unloading process. The Student Alumni/Facilitators have been instructed to assist in cleaning the bus. Cleaning of the bus is not to be left to the drivers.
  6. There is an adult Rotarian (monitor) assigned to each bus stop to support the Alumni/Facilitator and act as a resource, should the need develop. The monitor will have a cellular phone. That adult Rotarian may also be a facilitator and may possibly be riding the bus to and from the camp.

CAMP EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER: (951) 659-2605 (This number is to be used for emergencies only!)  

TRANSPORTATION COORDINATOR: (Michael Metts, cell phone)  (619) 417-6304