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Your application is not complete and will not be processed until you take the following steps.


​STEP 1:  Sign your printed application. (Check your email if you forgot to print a copy before submitting. A copy was also emailed to you.)

STEP 2:  Scan your complete application package (application, resume and essay)  and email the PDF file to the RYLA Alumni Coordinator. If you do not have access to a scanner, call the RYLA Alumni Coordinator.

The RYLA Alumni Coordinator will notify you of the time and place of your mandatory RYLA Alumni selection interview. Following your interview, the RYLA Alumni Coordinator will advise you of your selection status



Contact the RYLA Alumni Coordinators.

Kelly Mayberry

(760) 888-6223 (Work)
(760) 519-7704 (Mobile)

Jim Ponder

(760) 888-6228 (Work)

(760) 505-7705 (Mobile)

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