By now you are all aware of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  Over the past several weeks, the RYLA Committee has been carefully monitoring the developments with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak and seeking guidance from individuals from our Rotary District, Rotary Zone members as well as Rotary International.  We have also been in talks with professionals in the medical field here in San Diego on how to best proceed with this year’s RYLA.  

As we have continued to monitor COVID-19 and have seen cases start to appear closer and closer to San Diego County, the RYLA Committee has made the decision to exercise an abundance of caution and cancel RYLA 2020. 

The RYLA Committee and District 5340 must consider the health and safety of not only the attendees of RYLA, but that of their families and extended relationships.  This is not a decision that was made lightly, but feel it is the best decision given the information we have been provided to date.  We greatly appreciate your understanding. 

Rotary District 5340 RYLA 
District 5340 RYLA Chair:  
Kelly Mayberry

(760) 519-7704 (Mobile)

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