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RYLA Coordinators are critical partners in creating the very best experience for our young leaders.

Club Role

RYLA Club Coordinators work with the district’s RYLA registration coordinator and school site liaisons to recruit, screen and sponsor RYLA students. This role is essential to the success of RYLA!  Thank you!   Printer-friendly version of club checklist.

Check with your club to see how many students you are able to sponsor. Check to see if your club already has high schools assigned. If not, contact us, and we will arrange for you. If you don't already have a RYLA coordinator, assign one or ask the Youth Officer.

Quick Links

Register your club using the online registration form by Jan. 15, 2024. (Payment due Feb. 15, 2024). Contact the high schools your club sponsors to find out who you can work with to promote RYLA and seek applicants (this is usually one of the counselors). Offer to provide promotional materials, videos and posters. Sample email introduction to schools.

Review applications as they come in. Once the deadline has passed (Feb. 19, 2024) put together an interview committee with club members and set up interviews with applicants. Use these questions or come up with your own. Mail payment by the deadline.  Identify club members who might make good facilitators and ask them to apply.

Notify your selected students and alternates and submit their names to the RYLA registration coordinator by March 29, 2024.

Keep in touch with your selected students and alternates. Keep RYLA registration coordinator informed of any changes to your list.  Schedule a time in May or June to have your sponsored students attend a club meeting to share their experiences.

Student Selection Tips

Remember, RYLA is geared toward proven and experienced leaders. It's not for students who want to learn leadership skills for the first time.  ​The best way to get a large selection of high-quality applicants is to work with your school site liaisons, usually a teacher or counselor, to encourage known leaders to apply.  During the mandatory interview process, you can explore each student's background and experience. Here are some sample interview questions.


Kristina Ray​

RYLA Registration Coordinator

760-828-0509 (call/text)

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