Being a RYLA facilitator is a unique service opportunity often described as one of the high points in a Rotarian's life. 


One of the great joys of being a Rotarian is to share your vision of leadership and service with young people. RYLA gives you the opportunity to participate in leadership, learning and fellowship activities with some of the District’s finest high school juniors.  

If you are interested, please fill out the online application and our facilitator coordinator will follow up.

Paul van Roon

(619) 980-2334 (Mobile)

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Your RYLA "Family"


Families are the essence of the RYLA conference. Participants will be divided into families to provide a more intimate learning and sharing experience. Each family consists of a Rotarian facilitator and up to 10 students from different high schools throughout our Rotary District. The family will become a close-knit community as a result of working together and sharing ideas after each major presentation and activity. 

The process of facilitation is to guide or lead the family as it reflects on an experience, whether that experience was a speaker, a workshop or an activity. Effective facilitation enables students to share perspectives on a common experience through a productive dialog and then develop behavioral changes through enriched communication, trust, and teamwork.