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I've been selected to attend RYLA.  Now what?

  • Review the list of what to bring (below). 

  • Keep in contact with your Rotary Club Coordinator so that you can ask them any questions about RYLA that you have.

  • Notify the Rotary Club and the RYLA Registration Coordinator if for any reason you are no longer available to attend RYLA or any of your personal information has changed.

  • Find your bus pick up location and time

  • Friday morning show up at your assigned RYLA bus stop and be ready for a great weekend!  

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Dress in layers (temperatures change throughout the day) and wear clothes that allow you to be active and comfortable. You’ll be sitting on the ground, hiking and participating in games involving running and jumping. Tank tops, sheer fabrics, tight fitting clothes and other revealing attire is not appropriate at RYLA.



  • A positive attitude and sense of humor

  • Sleeping bag or sheet and blankets (Dorms are heated) and a pillow. Camp beds have mattresses only.

  • Toiletries and other personal hygiene items – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.

  • Prescription medication(s) (must be listed on your application)

  • Bath and hand towels

  • Walking shoes, tennis shoes or hiking boots only. Sandals and other open-toed shoes are not allowed

  • Long pants/jeans

  • Short sleeved t-shirts

  • Sweatshirts/sweaters

  • Winter jacket, gloves and a hat (borrow these if you don't have them)

  • Shorts are acceptable, but keep in mind temperatures drop quickly at night (30s to 50s)

  • Underwear and socks

  • Lightweight flashlight – remember fresh batteries.

  • Please leave all electronic devices other than phones at home. Phones may only be used at designated “free” time or as allowed by your facilitator


Students arrive by charter buses arranged by RYLA. Make arrangements for someone to drop you off at one of our bus stop locations EARLY Friday morning. We will send you information about which stop you will go to 1-2 weeks before RYLA.



We understand things come up. Please email your sponsoring Rotary Club and the RYLA registration coordinator as soon as you become aware of a conflict so we can give your spot to someone on the waiting list.


Kristina Ray​

RYLA Registration Coordinator

760-828-0509 (call/text)

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