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Are you a high school junior in San Diego or Imperial County who has what it takes to change not only yourself but the world?

The application period is now closed.


Check to see if your school has a RYLA coordinator (usually a counselor). If not, check to see if your school has a Rotary sponsor.  (If your school does not have a sponsor, contact us.) Make contact and find out more about RYLA. Make sure you are available for the entire weekend, Friday, April 12 - Sunday, April 14, 2024.

Review the online application and gather up the information needed.  Review the code of conduct. Write your essay. When everything is ready, fill out and submit your application.  You will get a confirmation email with a copy of your application.  Print this out and bring it to your school's RYLA coordinator.  Ask a parent/guardian to fill out the consent form.

Contact your Rotary Club sponsor to express your interest and find out the timing of interviews (usually in February/March).  Be amazing in your interview. You will be notified by March 29 if you have been selected. If you are selected as an alternate, sit tight and wait to see if a spot opens up.

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